Formulation Development – OTC & Natural Health Products

Trillium’s product development team has been entrusted to successfully develop new natural health and OTC drug products on behalf of our pharmaceutical partners. New to market projects already developed by Trillium include: cough cold remedies, therapeutic skin & hair care products, gastro-intestinal treatments including anti-acids and laxatives, sleep aids (drug based and natural health products), plus oral care.

Product development activities are undertaken at the Trillium Product Development Center, Brockville. Integrated into the manufacturing site, our experienced product formulators develop new products that are designed to be easily scaled up and commercialized in our facility, resulting in fast-track new product introductions for our branded product customers.

Product Development Services Include

  • Literature & Patent Search
  • Screening of Excipients
  • Pre-formulation Studies
  • Formulation Development
  • Process Development
  • Test Method Development
  • Specification Determination
  • Exhibit Batch Manufacturing & Informal Stability
  • Reports
  • Regulatory Submission if Required