Trillium leads the pharmaceutical manufacturing services industry in having full turnkey capabilities in liquid, solid, and semi–solid manufacturing dosage forms for Prescription (Rx), OTC, Natural Health and Cosmetic products.

  • The Trillium team has the scientific knowledge and experience to efficiently and cost–effectively meet your manufacturing objectives
  • FDA and Health Canada compliant facility, with more than fifty years of pharmaceutical experience manufacturing solid, semi–solid, and liquid dosage forms.
  • Controlled substances / Health Canada Narcotics approved site
  • Trillium has a well-developed product transfer process and an exceptional track record of successfully transferring new products into our facility
  • Trillium is strategically located in Brockville, Ontario providing our clients with instant access to major shipping routes in both Canada and the United States

The Trillium team members are experts in both product formulation and manufacturing, and have been successfully assisting small, mid–sized, large, and multi–national organizations across the life sciences sector in both prescription and OTC for many years, without heavily engaging the client’s resources.

  • Product formulation
  • Overall project management from concept to commercialization
  • Process mapping
  • Proactive purchasing of required raw materials and packaging components
  • Testing/releasing of raw materials and packaging components
  • Full Service Quality Lab (Chemistry, Chromatography, Microbiology etc.)
  • Manufacturing of bulk materials
  • Packaging
  • Testing/releasing of finished product
  • Shipping of finished products

Every product transfer is managed by a dedicated cross–functional team led by a project manager that will facilitate the technology transfer, integration, validation, and success of your products.

  • Manage long term supply contracts and relationships
  • Manufacture, package, and ship your products, achieving critical timelines
  • Understand the significance of quality, reliability, and open communication
  • Strong supply chain to ensure maximization of cost efficiencies
  • Strategic location resulting in highly competitive costs
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements of our clients